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Created by friends Jen & Ellie, Cents of Couture is a blog dedicated to fashion lovers who love style and swag but can't afford to satiate their expensive taste. We'll bring you affordable outfits, where to buy them at your fave store, fun fashion focused videos, and what not to wear in the 21st century.

Quality time

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, but Ellie and I were spending some quality time together this 4th of July weekend at the beach!

Ellie wore a cute bikini she got from H&M for just $5!

Expect to see some great posts in the coming weeks! Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July! Happy birthday America!


Splashing Colors

Today I’m wearing the world’s most boring outfit. I failed to accessorice and be fashion forward, but I wanted to show you how to splash colors together. In the past, I would have never worn a bright blue cardigan with black leggings. But mixing a bright color with anything black makes my outfit go from bore to semi-bore. 



I love my country and I love see-through tops but is this American flag themed top pushing the fashion boundaries? 


J.Crew Sample Sale Review

I made it over to the J.Crew sample sale after work around 6pm. I was super excited and ready to find some great deals.

When I got over there, the line was long. It went by pretty fast, but I still ended up waiting outside for about 20-25 minutes. Once I got inside, I was happy to find that the room was filled with racks and racks of clothes. They had a section for shoes in the back and a section for accessories. Here are some pictures below. I don’t think photography was allowed so I had to sneak in some shots.

The line outside

Racks and racks of clothes



So here’s the review: Although there were racks and rack of clothes, I was disappointed and walked out with nothing. I was expecting some great deals at the sample sale, but the prices were still pretty steep and nothing really caught my eye. The dresses were still $50, even though they were plain cotton dresses. The shirts ranged $35 and up, but because it was a sample sale, a lot of the pieces probably came from photo shoots and mannequins, and they were all marked up with writing on the back. I was excited about the accessories. J.Crew always has some cute but ridiculously expensive jewelry pieces, but the sale didn’t offer much of a discount. The bracelets were $25 and up and the necklaces were $60 and up. Oh, and the shoes were still priced at $100.

I left the sale after 30 minutes, disappointed and empty handed. But it was a good experience, and I definitely plan on going to more sample sales so stay tuned for my reviews!


H&M: Daily Steals

I’m not a tube top person, simply because the tube top has garnered such a negative/non-classy reputation over the years. 


And if you didn’t think that was bad enough, there’s this:

Tube tops just never got their chance to show the world how classy they can actually be so H&M decided to give it a reputation make-over.

Top a white tube top with chic, flowy shorts with a blazer and you’ve got an outfit for a day at work. Never thought you’d wear a tube top to work, did ya?

H&M Tube Top: $5.95


Fruit-of-Loom V-Neck Tees

White plain v-neck tee from fruit-of-loom and Hanes are da bomb-hizzy and they are essential for the summer. I wear them over Soffee shorts, jean shorts, cut-offs, you name it. 

They usually come 3-5 in a package and if you’re a girl and around my size you should buy a Men’s S. The price range is $9.99 for shirts that you can literally wear everyday with anything. 

On a side note, I love this model’s forearms. Mmmm. 


High-waisted Denim Shorts

I’m currently obsessed with high-waisted denim shorts topped with an out-of-the-box blazer. High-waisted denim shorts are great for shorter girls since it elongates our short little legs…actually, now that I think about it, it helps taller girls to elongate their already long legs even further. Damn me for never drinking milk as a child. 

Anyhow, check out how to rock high-waisted denim shorts with vintage blazers!


Where to buy affordable high-waisted denim shorts:


Top Shop- $28



J.Crew Sample Sale starts tomorrow!

J.Crew can be so ridiculously overpriced sometimes, but I’m sure you can snag some great deals at the sample sale. Up to 60% off! Definitely check it out if you’re in NYC.

June 14th-18th

260 Fifth Avenue NY,NY


Bikinis DO NOT have to be Expensive

Ever walked into a store, saw a an extremely cute bikini, flipped over the price tag, then proceeded to pass out from its outrageous price, get rushed to the hospital, and wake up thinking, “how the hell do two pieces of cloth that cover 20% of my body cost THAT much?!” You’re in luck because I’ve been there and have the medical bills to prove it. Let’s take a look at some bikinis that look fabulous and are affordable. 


Top: $14.94

Bottom: $12.95

Kenneth Cole (@ Macy’s)

Sale: $38.99

Allen B (@ JcPenny)

Top: $24.99 (SALE)

Bottom: $24.99 (SALE)


Sale: $34.99

Love this design and look, just not on this model!

Get ready for summer with affordable half-naked wear!